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What can you expect?

After completing this program, you will be able to apply behavioral science to maximize the conversion of your online ads, emails, webpages, and apps. 

  • 53 explanation videos with 148 real-life examples (8 hours of content)
  • Earn your certificate and boost your own authority
  • Work on your own case during this program
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What will you master after completing this program?

How to design any online behavior and influence human decision-making, all based on proven behavioral science.

  • 37 proven psychological principles, that will change the way you look at all online communications
  • A deep understanding of Kahneman, Cialdini, and Fogg’s work
  • Templates, strategies, and checklists to put it all into practice
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What can you do after this program?

You will be able to practically apply behavioral science to increase the results of your online marketing efforts.

  • Create persuasive copy and design for your online channels
  • Design any online behavior based on proven psychology
  • Produce effective optimization proposals for your online marketing
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Work on your own case

During this program, you will work on your own case to come up with at least 3 A/B test proposals to improve the conversion of your existing website, app, or other digital platforms.

  • Directly apply the theory
  • Video-guidance throughout the learning program
  • Boost your current conversion rate in no-time
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Program schedule

This is a brief overview of what you will learn during this program

week 1

How to design behavior

  • Fogg Behavior Model
  • Kahneman’s 2 systems
  • Cialdini principles of influence
  • Ethical aspects of persuasion


E-Learning: 6 videos
Live coaching session: 2 hours
Total time investment: 5-7 hours

week 2

How to design a winning prompt

  • What are prompts?
  • How to draw attention
  • How to design affordance
  • Four strategies to create stopping power


E-Learning: 10 videos
Live coaching session: 2 hours
Total time investment: 6-8 hours

week 3

How to boost motivation

  • What is motivation?
  • Appealing to basic needs 
  • Motivate your visitor to take action
  • Building trust by social proof and authority


E-Learning: 15 videos
Live coaching session: 2 hours
Total time investment: 8-10 hours

week 4

How to increase ability

  • What is ability?
  • How to reduce mental effort
  • How to structure information
  • Making behavior easier for your visitor


E-Learning: 13 videos
Live coaching session: 2 hours
Total time investment: 7-9 hours

week 5

How to design choices

  • What is choice architecture?
  • Help your visitors choose
  • How to use anchoring
  • Biases in choice


E-Learning: 7 videos
Live coaching session: 2 hours
Total time investment: 5-7 hours

week 6

Final exam & certification

  • Take your final exam
  • Ask final questions to your coach
  • Get ready to implement your ideas
  • Earn your certificate and boost your own authority


Live coaching session:
2 hours
Total time investment: 3-4 hours

Recommended by
Dr. Robert Cialdini

New York Times bestselling author of 'Influence' & 'Presuasion'

“Bas and Joris have created the most understandable, practical, and ethical course to teach you how to expertly market online. In my opinion a must-study for everyone in the field of online persuasion”

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This program is for everyone involved in designing, building or optimizing digital marketing channels

UX designers
Product owners
Content specialists
Online marketeers
Agile coaches
CRO specialists
UX writers

Behavior design for online success

  • Online Influence Fundamentals
  • Walk away with your own optimization plan
  • Boost your conversion rate in no-time
  • Access to our A/B Test Database

    What alumni say


    “Practical and science based. Really great!”

    Stefan van Ballegooie
    Conversion Specialist

    “Incredibly valuable and immediately applicable!”

    Aafke Melgers
    Communications Advisor

    “The perfect bridge between theory and practice.”

    Paul van den Hurk
    UP learning
    Marketing Manager

    Need a little more information before you enroll?

    Here's a list of the questions we get most often. But we want to be sure we answer yours!
    If you don't see it below, shoot us a note.

    No worries! Everyone answers incorrectly from time to time. If you do not get 80% of the answers correct, just rewatch the video and try taking the test again. You can take the test as many times as you need in order to pass it. The goal is for you to understand and retain the information.

    Each section has a 7 – 15 minute video lesson. This is followed by a 5 question quiz. You must answer 4 – 5 questions correctly to pass the section test. After you completed all modules you will get an official exam with 50 questions.

    You can access our A/B Test Database during your training program. After that, a separate subscription is needed. Check out our A/B test database page for more details.

    We handle a maximum of 30 students for the live coaching sessions, to make sure you can ask your questions.

    The monthly live sessions will be online via Zoom.
    You will receive an invite to the live sessions after you’ve completed this program.

    The monthly live sessions and the coaching sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants of this program.
    So, no need to worry if you can’t attend a session!

    In the book, you’ll learn the theories that are the foundation of our program. Our program is set up to give you the competence to apply the learnings in real life.

    We do this by giving you immediate access to the online academy. This will provide you with a more in-depth understanding of our 37 design principles and how to apply them to your situation.

    In addition, there are 6 Online coaching sessions with 4 primary objectives;
    1. Implement a sustainable and continuous learning skill.
    2. Work on your personal business case to increase your online results.
    3. Become part of the community. You will be connected to peers to fine-tune your case and create a plan to implement improvements based on behavioral science.
    4. Learn from real-life examples, in our A/B Test Database and see what works.

    Feel free to reach out to info@onlineinfluence.com for all your questions.