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Bas Wouters, Joris Groen

Online Influence

Boost your results with proven behavorial science. Paperback  |  English  |  2020  |  9789024426355
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Online Influence Get the book!
Winner PIM ‘Marketing Textbook of the Year’ Award (2020) The jury of this prestigious Dutch Marketing Award wrote in its report: “Online influence excels because it applies proven theories from behavioral psychology in a very practical way within the digital marketing field. In addition to being the best textbook of the year, the jury also found this a must-read for any marketer that takes themselves seriously.”

This Is What You Will Learn

Part 1

1.1 This is how you design behavior
1.2 What is behavior design?
1.3 The Fogg Behavior Model
1.4 Daniel Kahneman's two systems
1.5 Robert Cialdini's Principles of Belief
1.6 The ethical side

Part 2

2.1 To design a winning prompt
2.2 What is a prompt?
2.3 Attention
2.4 Competitive prompts
2.5 Affordance
2.6 Literally state the desired behavior
2.7 Curiosity
2.8 Exceptional benefit
2.9 Simple question
2.10 Unfinished journey

Part 3

3.1 How to increase your motivation
3.2 What is motivation?
3.3 Anticipatory enthusiasm
3.4 Appeal to basic needs
3.5 Social proof
3.6 Authority
3.7 Baby steps
3.8 Scarcity
3.9 Confetti rain
3.10 Loss aversion
3.11 Perceived value
3.12 Reasons why

Part 4

4.1 Thus increases your ability
4.2 What is ability?
4.3 Reduce options
4.4 Offer decision aid
4.5 Default, prefill and autocomplete
4.6 The Jenga Technique
4.7 Remove distraction
4.8 Provide feedback
4.9 Offering reversibility
4.10 Page Layout
4.11 Don't make me think
4.12 Familiarity
4.13 Expected effort
4.14 Making unwanted behavior more difficult

Part 5

5.1 How to Design Choices
5.2 What is Choice Architecture?
5.3 Hobson +1
5.4 Anchoring
5.5 Extreme aversion
5.6 Decoy
5.7 Nudging

Part 6

6.1 How to apply behavioral psychology
6.2 And now: practice
6.3 Online advertising
6.4 Display advertising
6.5 Social Media Ads
6.6 Email Ads
6.7 Search engine advertisements
6.8 Landing Pages
6.9 Product detail pages
6.10 The check-out
6.11 Conversion research
6.12 Web analysis
6.13 Optimize by experimenting
6.14 Step-by-step plan
6.15 Checklists for the different applications


7.1 Acknowledgments
7.2 Continue reading
7.3 About the authors
7.4 Literature list
Online Influence Get the book!

The Authors Are Globally Respected Online Behavior Designers

Bas Wouters

Bas is an expert in presuasion and founder of the Online Influence Institute. With his Dutch online lead generator 'Keukenplaats' (Kitchen Marketplace), he caused serious disruption in the Dutch kitchen industry and generated millions in sales. He is the only person in the world who can call himself a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer ánd BJ Fogg Certified Tiny Habits Coach.

Joris Groen

Joris is a psychologist and user experience designer. He specializes in online persuasion. He has improved the results of hundreds of websites, webshops, apps and online campaigns for KLM, Mercedes-Benz and ING Bank, as well as many other online businesses wordwide.


How do you turn viewers into buyers? And those who drop out? By cleverly applying behavioral psychology you get much more results from your website, app or online campaign. Psychologist and web designer Joris Groen and persuasion guru Bas Wouters explain in great detail what works, what doesn't work, and why. In this book you will find concrete and easily applicable guidelines, based on 40 years of practical experience and the insights of the most important behavioral scientists of the moment, such as Fogg, Cialdini and Kahneman. With over 40 real-life success cases and over 150 illustrations of do's and don'ts, this is the most complete and practical guide to designing and improving your online customer journey. "A true gift"
- Dr. Robert Cialdini
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