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Master And Monetize These Unique Skills

  • Train and coach online professionals to apply behavioral science
  • Give ‘Online Influence’ keynotes and workshops
  • Do conversion optimization projects based on behavioral science
  • Perform expert reviews to improve any ad, website or digital product
  • Manage and perform behavior design sprints
  • Gain passive income by exclusively reselling our platform

Who Can Participate?

In Company

With your Online Influence Accreditation, you can become the central figure in your organization to implement behavioral science and psychology.

Teach and coach your colleagues to use tools and methods that structurally and hugely improve your digital products and online marketing.

Suited for product owners, online marketeers, UX managers or leads, senior or principal UX, project managers, agile coaches.

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As a freelancer you can acquire unique skills that help you inspire, train, coach and consult the organizations you work for in unprecedented ways.

You will be able to offer unique trainings and help your clients with proven methods, rooted in behavioral science.

Our certification program is suited for trainers, UX designers, UX writers, conversion specialists and anyone consulting in online marketing and digital product development.

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As a certified agency, you can add unique services to your portfolio and improve your existing services with and profound knowledge of behavioral science.

You can give unique trainings and level up your consultancy, optimization, design and copy services.

Suited for digital agencies, creative agencies, conversion optimization agencies and online marketing agencies.

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Teachers At Universities

Use our online academy, slides and formats to teach your students the basics of human psychology and how it can be applied to achieve business success online.

Your students can use or methods and tools to bring it into practice while doing projects, during their internships, graduation or within project oriented education.

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What Certified Online Influence Coaches Say


Practical and science based. Really great!

Stefan van Ballegooie
Conversion Specialist

“Incredibly valuable and immediately applicable!”

Aafke Melgers
Communications Advisor

I loved the way Bas was hosting

Loek Ofman
Blue Dragon
Marketing Automation Specialist

What Does The Programme Look Like?

The programme takes 10 weeks in total

Six Weeks Of Blended Learning Where You Master The Theory And Learn To Apply It. Each Week You’ll Do 8 Hours Of Self Study And 4 Hours Live Training.

Four Weeks Of Live Training, Where We Bring You To ‘Master Level’ Or Our Methods And You Get Feedback On Your Training And Teaching Skills.

One Week You Will Get 32 Hours Of Live Training Via Zoom Or In Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Official Certification, Celebration, And Onboarding To The OII Community.

Master And Monetize These Unique Skills

  • Give unlimited access to our exclusive content that helps you be the best in your field, including our extensive A/B example database.
  • Introduce you to our community, where we connect you with potential new clients in your branche and region
  • Provide individual coaching by our top level experts
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How You Will Profit

  • As an agency or individual, you can instantly offer a range of new services to your clients. There is no commission when you provide these services.
  • You earn passive income, because you will receive 35% of the subscription fee when your clients subscribe to our platform with paid content, as long as they stay subscribed.
  • As a professor or lecturer, you can use our materials, and save on course development. You will also be able to train fellow lecturers.
  • As an in-company certified trainer, you can train your colleagues, and apply our methods and tools to be more successful online. You will enjoy 35% discount on our learning platform and tools.
  • You will get access to our community where you can benefit from free advise, office hours, expert coaching, peer feedback, business leads and more.

How To Get Certified

Apply online
Interview with an Online Influence Institute professional
Get an immersive training to become an Online Influence expert
Become a Certified Online Influence Coach

Your Investment

  • There are no costs or commissions when you give training or do a project using our methods and tools.
  • To follow the certification program we ask for a one-time investment of $ 10.000. You can spread your payment over 5 years.
  • You pay a fixed yearly fee of $ 3.000 for our services. That’s it.
  • Completing the program takes an average of 160 hrs: 16hrs per week for 10 weeks.

How To Apply For Certification?

  • Use the form below to tell us who you are and why you want to apply.
  • One of our advisors will contact you and arrange an interview via Zoom to see if becoming a certified coach fits with your skills and ambitions.
  • When you qualify, you’ll get access to our immersive 10-weeks certification program on a starting date that suits you best.

Apply Now

    We will contact you within 3 working days and make an appointment for an interview via Zoom

    Founder & Inspirator

    A Final Word From Our Founder, Bas Wouters

    Thanks for showing interest in our certified coach programme!

    Let’s create experiences that are rooted in human psychology. It will benefit both your business and your customer.

    Together, we can take online marketing to the next level.

    Need A Little More Information Before You Enroll?

    Here's a list of the questions we get most often. But we want to be sure we answer yours!
    If you don't see it below, shoot us a note

    The yearly is €3.000,-

    No, all the billable hours you make are 100% yours. You earned it.

    We only ask for a small yearly fee, so we can provide the latest content, tools, and method, to help you shine.

    That’s great news! An Online Influence Franchise is the perfect way to build some recurring revenue with your current clients and audience while providing extraordinary value. An established business might also mean you are perfectly positioned to work with some of our larger commercial clients.

    No problem at all! Speaking is just one of the ways you can grow your Online Influence Franchise. Our best franchisees partner with other franchise owners to provide complementary services. And you can feel confident that your peers have completed the same training, have access to the same resources, and have a like-minded approach to serving their clients.

    Feel free to reach out to for all your questions.

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