Build A Business You Love

We want to make owning a business more enjoyable whether you’re a firm or an individual expert!

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Practice Work You Love

If you have a passion for business strategy, coaching, or behavior design, you’ll love owning an Online Influence franchise. Get certified and you can use your expertise in marketing, business and individual coaching, and public speaking and any online tactic that builds relationships and connections.

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Help Others Reach Their Online Goals Faster

Use our proprietary and science-backed process to deliver dramatic results with small changes. And you don’t have to invent the process from scratch. We’ve done the research and put an entire system together for you.

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Grow Your Business With Ease

You shouldn’t have to work so hard to find clients who believe in your process and who want to work with you. That’s why you’ll be listed in our Certified Experts database for interested companies to find you. We’ll also refer clients who want to work with us directly to you.

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Who Achieves Success As An Online Influence Franchise Owner?

Agencies and Firms

Whether you’re building a Marketing Agency, Coaching or Consulting Firm, an Online Influence franchise can help you scale quickly. Your team will become part of the elite in a growing area of expertise – behavior science. Our processes and resources can get you profitable returns, fast.

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Individual Professionals

Individual professionals starting a solo-preneur practice can win big as an Online Influence franchise. This includes Marketing Professionals, Trainers, Public speakers, Business Coaches, and Business Strategy Consultants. Individual professionals are perfectly positioned to grow their business quickly by implementing the Online Influence method on behalf of organizations, teams, or individuals.

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Master Licensee

A visionary leader in a country, state or region who brings Online Influence to the marketplace and uses its proprietary proven systems to improve lives and communities. This is Online Influence’s ultimate franchise opportunity. The Master Licensee has the power to develop, grow and sell Online Influence franchisees in an entire region, state or country. This is much more than the typical franchise model – instead of being in charge of a single firm or team, you’ll be in charge of an entire organization of Online Influence franchisees all operating under your supervision and guidance.

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Why Own an Online Influence Franchise?

Gain Access

Gain Access to an Exclusive Territory. Your differentiation eliminates competition.


Receive Leads from Online Influence Headquarters or Collaborate with other Franchise Owners.

Join a Community

Join a Community of Best-in-Class Behavior Operators.

Grow Faster

Grow Faster with Established Practices and Resources Provided by the Online Influence Organization.

Here's How Online Influence Experts Describe Their Success with Their Franchise

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How Does It Work?

Start the process of becoming an Online Influence Certified Coach by completing the application and interview process.

Next, you’ll take a deep dive into our practical online training program, followed by a full week of on-site training and development. Get feedback from our Online Influence Professionals and a small group of your peers. Submit work from a current project that exhibits mastery of the topics we cover. This extensive training will make you a more effective and successful coach, and upon completion, you’ll be a go-to expert in Online Influence.

Once you’ve completed the certification process, you’ll have access to our library of IP training materials, templates, branding, your own Online Influence Zoom account, and a small community of other Online Influence professionals just like you. You will also continue receiving regular training and updates to sharpen your skills and begin building your marketing business.

From lead generation and sales to networking and business management, we’ve put together a success plan that will help you develop, grow, and succeed as an Online Influence Certified Coach.

How To Become A Successful Franchise

Apply Online
Interview with an Online Influence Institute professional
Get an immersive training to become an Online Influence expert
Grow your Online Influence business with us!

Launch The Business Of Your Dreams With The Support And Resources You Need To Succeed

We want to make owning a business more enjoyable whether you're a firm or an individual expert!

Online Academy

Obtain a seat in our Online Academy

A/B test Database

Utilize the A/B test Database

Live Training

Attend live training with founder Bas Wouters

Online Community

Engage in online community of franchisees to share best practices and receive feedback from peers

Professional Materials

Receive professional marketing materials

Weekly Calls

Participate in exclusive weekly franchisee calls for feedback, resources, answers, and advice

After Training Completed:

List Your Business

List your business on our online list of Certified Online Influence Experts

Access CRM and Analytics

Access our professional CRM and Analytics

Real Life Examples

Draw from our extensive library of real life examples

What Are The Products You Can Deliver?

Online Academy
A/B Test Database
Live Training
One on One Coaching
Group Coaching
Create an Expert Review
Set Up Behavior Design Sprints
Conversion Research

Become Succesful As Online Influence Coach!

    Response within 24 hours

    We Would Love to Answer Your Questions

    Here's a list of the questions we get most often. But we want to be sure we answer yours!
    If you don't see it below, shoot us a note

    We are a lean group of trainers, speakers, and practitioners located in the Netherlands. While we would love to speak at every event and work with every business, there are not enough hours in the day for us to deliver these services by ourselves. We need a team of fully trained and capable individuals, agencies, firms, and speakers who can fulfill requests across the globe. Ready to join an elite team of highly sought-after behavior specialists?

    This is one of the biggest questions we get. Before we get to numbers, we’d like to make sure your area is available and that you’re qualified to join the team. After that, we’ll talk through whether or not you want a franchise of one or if you have an entire team of professionals to walk through our process. We’ll talk to you about all the details of becoming a franchise during our interview

    If you’re just starting out, you might still be a perfect candidate to own a franchise. We’re looking for professionals with real world experience and a hunger to learn and grow. The best part is, we have a list of companies who are already interested in Online Influence services. And we will also set you up with the materials and processes you need to effectively grow, before you even start.

    That’s great news! An Online Influence Franchise is the perfect way to build some recurring revenue with your current clients and audience while providing extraordinary value. An established business might also mean you are perfectly positioned to work with some of our larger commercial clients.

    No problem at all! Speaking is just one of the ways you can grow your Online Influence Franchise. Our best franchisees partner with other franchise owners to provide complementary services. And you can feel confident that your peers have completed the same training, have access to the same resources, and have a like-minded approach to serving their clients.

    While we can’t guarantee results, we can guarantee that you’ll have all the tools, processes, support, and resources you need to succeed.

    We’re happy to discuss all revenue share information during your franchise interview. We can absolutely guarantee it’s one of the most generous plans in the industry. Apply now, and we’ll talk details during our franchise interview.

    This number actually changes regularly because we are always practicing what we preach. When we started the database, it was over 700 real-world examples, and that grows each month as we practice and learn.

    That’s great! The Online Influence method works for websites, emails, quizzes, questionnaires, digital ads, reviews, and so much more. If you have a niche, this will still work for you. You are welcome and encouraged to collaborate with other franchise owners to provide complementary services to your clients and clients like yours.

    Bas will attend the weekly franchise calls to answer your questions, help you troubleshoot, give you feedback, and overall support your business growth. You will also have dedicated regional headquarters that will help direct you to the right place for the resources, answers, and support you need. We are here to make sure you get the support you need to grow a profitable business using our proprietary method.