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Learn how to massively boost your online results by applying proven behavioral science!

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The most extensive program for creating behavior design, persuasive prompts, and psychological motivators in your online marketing.


Award-winning learning software

Based on proven cognitive psychology, our learning software guarantees you'll not only learn about online influence, but you'll also develop the skills to be an expert.

The biggest database of real-life examples

With more than 250 real-life examples, we guarantee you'll get the inspiration you need to boost your online results.

Recommended by world-famous Dr. Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini is the author of the New York Times Best Sellers 'Influence' and 'Presuasion'. His books have been translated in 43 languages with more than 6 million copies sold worldwide. He is seen as one of the most important people of all times in the field of behavioral science and influence.

Proven to be successful at major brands

Proven to be successful at major brands.
KLM, Booking.com, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Seat, WWF, and many more all increased their results ánd customer happiness through our advice and implementation.

Become a master of influence no matter where you are

Get unlimited access to Online Influence on your phone, tablet, laptop and TV through our mobile app and desktop functionalities. You can even download our lessons into our app, so you don't need an internet connection to become a true expert.

Check whether your website is suitable for this program

Not every website is suitable for this program. Therefore, let's check whether we're a good match. If you're an entrepreneur or marketer with a website that has an intended call to action for your visitors, Online Influence is for you. For example:

  • Orders (you manage a webshop or sell physical or digital products)
  • Registrations (you work for or give courses, training, events or conferences)
  • Contact or request quotes (you work for or have a lead-generating website)
  • Bookings (you work for or run a catering company or organize trips / outings / excursions)

Do you have such a website? Then he is suitable for this program. You will then discover how you are going to bring in much more business. And with our help you can apply it immediately and start yielding money right away.

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Boost you expertise with our community

You will get full access to our community where experts from all over the world share their expertise to learn from each other.

Show your expertise, earn points and get massive discounts

Earn points with a login streak, get badges, complete quizzes, contribute to our community and many more. With these points you can earn amazing discounts for our live webinars and our certification program.

Pick your battles, show your expertise and boost your scorecard

Battle your friends, colleagues, and our community through our super-fun battle platform. Through these battles, you'll upgrade your scorecard, earn points, and show you are a rockstar in online influence.

Be in demand

The demand for qualified professional experts in conversion psychology far outweighs the supply. Don't miss your opportunity to be a part of this growing industry.

Get paid well

Conversion rock stars with knowledge of behavioral psychology (also known as behavior designers) are well paid and in high demand. The average entry-level salary, for example, is 30% higher than that of other online marketers globally.

Love your job

Behavior designers make an impact. They solve real-world problems using an exciting mix of research, design, technology and psychology.

Don't miss out to become one of the first true experts in Online Influence. Fill in your e-mail and stay informed


Build your career with Online Influence and change your life

Upgrade your knowledge of Online Influence, and get access to our certification program. Connect with us, and we will give you a business plan that will change your life.

Secret best practices that will boost your online results by up to 200%

Discover how you will immediately increase sales and generate more leads and subscribers through the power of Online Influence.

Want to sell more every year like top websites Booking.com, Amazon and Netflix?

Top websites do something that most companies can't. Spend millions of dollars on improving their websites year-after-year. We'll share their secrets with you.

Best practices with a 99% effectiveness in all cases

Fine-tuning your websites through simple changes, like editing a few words, can make a world of difference in your results. These best practices work in 99% of all cases.

The big companies don't want their superpowers revealed

Your backlog of work is getting bigger by the day. Take control now, and increase your website performance like the biggest websites in the world.

Simple changes, Big results

Change 2 or 3 words so that your website belongs directly to the 20% most user-friendly websites in your market.

Don't miss out to become one of the first true experts in Online Influence. Fill in your e-mail and stay informed


Become unique, become more in demand

Get the tools to differentiate yourself, even if your competitors are selling the exact same services or products.

Become 95% more persuasive, instantly!

How to persuade customers through their subconscious? Almost every website does this wrong, because they try to convince their customers through their conscious brain - which only makes 5% of our decisions. Find out how to become 95% more convincing.

Go from creating good offers to irresistible ones

Create extraordinary offers your customers can't resist. Such ridiculously good deals that they can't help but reach for their credit card.

Stand out in your market

Your customers are going to want to do business with you only. Many participants in our learning programs have successfully doubled, tripled, and even ten-folded their sales and conversions.

Make your website more appealing

Find out how to optimize your website to collect email addresses from your visitors. Many of our learners have used our methods to grow their email lists by the hundreds, increasing results by 200% to 4000%.

How do you touch your visitors while your competitors are just informing them.

People don’t want to be just informed, they want to be touched by your offer.

Don't miss out to become one of the first true experts in Online Influence. Fill in your e-mail and stay informed


Get your certificate as an Online Influence expert

Generate more demand for your skills and talent by becoming an expert in online influence.

Build a rockstar campaign

Your web developer is probably not a seller by nature, and maybe they even hate it deep down. With Online Influence, you'll have the tools to work with your developer, helping them deliver a new website that's optimized to generate sales and leads.

How your website becomes a no-brainer for your customers

Make sure everything is super simple to use (on 80% of all websites visitors get lost).

A copywriting technique that has made billions worldwide

Learn one simple technique that has increased conversion rates by millions worldwide.

Gain a persuasive advantage so good you'll feel like you're cheating

The persuasive principles you'll learn in Online Influence work just as well in your quotes, presentations, newsletters, brochures, company videos, on your LinkedIn profile, and even at tradeshows.

Upgrade your forms through simple actions

Get more inquiries, orders, bookings, and registrations through motivating and reassuring contact forms.

The form closes the deal with your customers.

Don't miss out to become one of the first true experts in Online Influence. Fill in your e-mail and stay informed


Neuro Copywriting

How to Choose the Right Words for the Irrational Brain.

Free your visitors from their doubts

Even if you give your visitors dozens of reasons to say yes, many will still say 'no.' That's because they have objections and doubts.

So, how do you remove those objections and get your customers to say 'yes'?

Examples of entrepreneurs who have bought the program are

  • Travel organizer
  • Copywriter
  • Marketing & Communications consultant
  • Social media expert
  • Business coach
  • Software reseller
  • Cleaning product reseller
  • Wordpress coach
  • Internet agency
  • E-learning entrepreneur
  • Hospitality consultant
  • Rural furniture webshop
  • Certification coach
  • Dental practice
  • Good targets
  • Affiliate websites
  • Car rental company
  • Pranic healing trainer
  • E-reader web store
  • Sales trainer
  • Container rental company
  • Web designers
  • CEO coach
  • Electronic patient file advisor
  • Yoga center
  • Architecture firm
  • Artist
  • Singles travel agency
  • Real estate agency


Until now we have trained 6,937 marketing experts, business owners, and C-suite executives from nearly every industry, helping them improve their online influence, increase customer satisfaction, and grow sales.

Our Guarantees

  • Guaranteed no technical knowledge required
  • Guaranteed suitable for websites that are already live
  • Guaranteed suitable for websites under construction
  • Guaranteed suitable for starters (no website yet)
  • Guaranteed suitable for websites that haven’t yield a single customer yet
  • Guaranteed suitable for B2B websites
  • Guaranteed suitable for B2C websites
  • Guaranteed usable at any time that suits you
  • Guaranteed suitable for all content management systems: it does not matter with which technology, system, platform or programming language your website is built

Don't miss out to become one of the first true experts in Online Influence. Fill in your e-mail and stay informed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also purchase a subscription for my entire company?

Yes of course, we are happy to make a special offer for you. Just give us a call or send an email to info@onlineinfluence.com and we will come back to you within 24 hours.


Course content

Theory Part


1 Welcome to this course
2 How to use this course
3 BONUS: Tiny Habits "proven method to create good learning habits"

Introduction to Behavior Design

4 What is Behavior Design?
5 Conversion rate - and other metrics for persuasiveness
6 Fogg Behavior Model
7 Kahneman: System 1 and system 2
8 Cialdini's Persuasion Principles
9 The ethical side

How to design winning prompts

10 What are prompts?
11 Grab Attention
12 Remove competing prompts
13 Affordance: don't make them think
14 Name the desired behavior, literally
15 How to design stopping power?
16 Curiosity
17 Exceptional benefit
18 Simple question
19 Unfinished journey

How to boost motivation

20 What is Motivation?
21 Reduce uncertainty
22 Define Baby Steps
23 Social Proof
24 Authority
25 Scarcity
26 Reciprocity
27 Liking
28 Anticipatory Enthusiasm
29 Positive Feedback
30 Reasons why
31 Loss Aversion
32 Ikea Effect
33 Perceived Value


34 What is Ability?
35 Remove Distraction
36 Jenga Technique
37 Reduce Choice
38 Facilitate Choice
39 Design Familarity
40 Don't make me think
41 Lower Perceived Effort
42 Prefill/Default/Autocomplete
43 Reversibility
44 Page Structure
45 Make Undesired Behavior Harder

Choice Architecture

46 What is Choice Architecture?
47 Default
48 Nudging
49 Extreme Aversion
50 Decoy Effect
51 Hobson+1

Practice Part

Online Advertising

52 What is online advertising?
53 Keep advertisments simple
54 Understand the cost models


55 What is display advertising?
56 How to get attention to your display ad
57 Keep ads simple: affordance & jenga
58 Prompt strategies for display advertising


59 What is social advertising?
60 Attention to your social ads
61 Prompt strategies for social ads

Email Advertising

62 What are email ads?
63 How to make your subject line stand out: attention
64 How to increase open rate: persuasive prompt strategies
65 Winning formats for email: single message
66 Winning formats for email: list
67 Strategies to boost email CTR: persuasive prompt strategies
68 How to write call to actions for your email ad


69 What is search advertising?
70 How to make your search ad stand out: top down attention
71 Using persuasion principles in your search ad
72 Making your search ad dead simple

Landing Page

73 Landingpage intro
74 Lower your bouncerate: soft landing
75 You've got 5 seconds: how to write an Elevator Pitch
76 How to win trust on your landingpage
77 What type of visuals are the most persuasive?
78 The power of 3
79 The ideal structure for your landing page
80 How to write the call to action for your landing page
81 How to use video on your landingpage

Product Page

82 What is product page and why is it so important
83 Answer questions about product
84 Answer questions about buying process
85 Answer questions about price and payment
86 Answer questions about yourself
87 Reviews and social proof
88 How to use photos
89 How to present the price
90 Use scarcity to boost conversion
91 How to write the call to action for your product page


92 What is a checkout? Facilitate AND Motivate
93 Remove Distraction
94 The order in which to ask for details
95 Defaults and choice help
96 Progress bars
97 Feedback and adjustability
98 Keep dopamine levels high: anticipation via copy and visuals
99 Expectation Management
100 Conversion killers
101 Call to actions for your checkout
102 Mini forms

Conversion Research

98 Research question
99 Web analysis
100 Online surveys
101 Interviews
102 Thinking out loud
103 Intercept questions
104 Form analysis

A/B Testing

105 What is AB testing?
106 Setting your hypothesis
107 AB testing tools
108 Significance
109 Mutlivariate testing