Online Influence Fundamentals Keynote

Get the whole team up to speed with the fundamentals of behavior online. They’ll discover how to apply cutting-edge research in a practical way. You’ll see examples of tests which have been successful, as well as those that haven’t – all while learning what prompts people to respond, engage, and convert online!

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Half Day Workshop

Get the OII Fundamentals Keynote, plus we’ll walk through case study exercises. Your team will put their learning into practice by choosing the right path to take for our real-life scenarios from our work with large brands. Then we’ll reveal what we tested, and the results. They’ll walk away with tactics they can use to instantly boost their results in their next project.

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One Day Masterclass

Apply behavioral principles now with our One Day Masterclass. In the first half of the day, we’ll take your team through the fundamentals and lead them in some case study exercises. Then we’ll devote the final half of the day to workshopping a project for your business. The team will walk through our step-by-step process, and we’ll give expert feedback as they work. They’ll walk away with a science-backed plan they can implement immediately.

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Two Day Expert Masterclass

At the end of our One Day Masterclass, your team walks away with a project to implement in your business. Add an extra day to give your team the repetitions they need to master the process. And you can be sure they get it right with our expert by their side. We’ll workshop multiple projects from your business. By the end of day two the whole team will be able to

  • Design winning prompts to move your audience to action
  • Boost motivation towards the online behavior you want to see
  • Increase ability, making the desired behavior easier for your audience to complete
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Only Official 2-Day Cialdini program

Learn the Principles of Persuasion by the only facilitators trained, endorsed, and certified by Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of New York Best Selling books Presuasion and Influence. We’ll teach you how to leverage small changes to get big results, and you can use these principles online or in-person. This 2-day program is perfect for sales teams, marketers, leaders, and human resources practitioners. Your team will walk away knowing how to create and maintain long-term, trusted relationships as they recognize the right things to do and say in critical moments to get results.

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Our Online Academy and Executive Coaching

Keep the learning fresh with a membership to our Online Academy. Your team doesn’t have to remember everything we discuss in the workshops and training. With our Online Academy, they can reference the fundamentals anytime they need them. Plus, we are constantly updating and launching new modules as new research comes forward. Best of all, your subscription to our Online Academy includes LIVE Q&A and coaching sessions each month.

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Online Influence Participants Have Increased Engagement for Companies Like

Live Workshops Are My Favorite

Here’s why…

I’ve been working with marketing and sales teams for years. I love the research, and I love implementing a project and watching the results. But my favorite thing of all is working with teams in LIVE workshops. That’s because I get to answer questions as I share the processes we’ve seen work.

It’s one thing to do the research and come up with my own ideas to implement, but it’s so much more fun when a group starts understanding how to apply it. It’s amazing to watch my ideas prompt your ideas and to see those grow as we work together to solve a problem in real-time. It’s like watching a spark light a candle and catch fire throughout the room. The creative energy from working together to achieve a common goal is the reason I do this.

Whether you’re marketing leader, a sales organization, a communications team, or a human resource professional, everyone can benefit from building stronger relationships with trust.

I would be honored to lead your team to come together and foster better relationships, more conversations, stronger connections, and of course,
greater results.

So, if you’re ready to get consistent results with an ethical process,
I’m ready to help you do that!

– Bas Wouters

We Would Love to Answer Your Questions

Here's a list of the questions we get most often. But we want to be sure we answer yours!
If you don't see it below, shoot us a note

Not at all. We love visiting teams in person, as we can walk around and touch base with everyone in the room. However, we know more and more offices are working with teams that are remote and global. So, we are happy to facilitate LIVE workshops via Zoom, and we’ve successfully done that for many of our clients.

That’s no problem at all! You can contact our online experts, and we’ll make sure you get the right workshop for the goal you want to achieve.

Absolutely not! While these workshops are used across the globe for online marketing teams, you can use these techniques for ANY kind of relationship building and communication. If you work with people, these workshops will help you increase engagement, conversation, and response.

Dr. Cialdini will not be in attendance, but he personally trained, certified, and endorsed only 20 people to facilitate this workshop on his behalf.

You betcha! First, we’ll get everyone on the same page, understanding the fundamentals of online (and let’s face it, human) behavior. Second, we’re going to help you up your game because everyone will understand why certain messaging tactics work, and why others don’t. If you think your team is great now, they’re about to show you what the next level looks like.

This is a question we get asked all the time. That’s why we have the Online Academy and our A/B test Database. We are constantly learning the latest science, testing it with the big brands, and sharing the latest and greatest in the Academy and testing Database. Plus, the Academy gives your team the chance to refresh what they have already learned, anytime they want.