Marketing 7m reading time December 9, 2021

Launch update 4 - A/B Test Database

Watch this video to learn about the A/B Test Database we’ve created. And learn how to use it to your advantage!


Launch update 3 – Academy

In this video, Bas explains our Academy. How it’s in line with our approach and how it helps you develop true and sustainable skills.

Launch update 2 – Our approach

In this upcoming video, Bas will briefly explain Our Approach. You’ll learn how to develop skills and how we apply this throughout our company. Why we aim for transformational outcomes with our clients, and how you’ll be able to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Launch update 1 – The Book

Watch this video to learn about the fundamentals of the book ‘Online Influence’.
We’ll show you the most important theories that are crucial in online marketing & behavior design.

And last but not least, we’ll give you an update on translations of the book, and our plans moving forward.

The launch update of our A/B Test Database will be live on the 8th of February. 👇

Bas Wouters CMCT
Author of ‘Online Influence' and Founder & Inspirator of the Online Influence Institute.

Online Influence

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