We Help You To Develop A Core Competence In Online Influence

You will not develop skills by just learning a theory

At Online Influence Institute we follow an approach to let obtained knowledge stick so you (and your organization) will develop a thriving core competence from wich you will benefit, year after year. Let’s discover this approach by exploring the Behavior Science Growth Path.

Behavioural Science Growth Path

1. The Client
2. The Cycle of Science
3. The Block
4. The Road to Success
5. The Certified Coach
6. Online Influence Institute
The Client
That's you. You are the one who gets empowered!
The Cycle of Science
Learn from what you have applied, learned, and evaluated. You'll never stop once you're on the Growth Path.
The Block
Your efforts will never be lost, they will be secured so you'll always build on previous results and move along the Path.
The Road to Success
Is paved with science-based knowledge and continuous learning and you're in control of the process.
The Certified Coach
Is there for guidance and support, always backing you up and helping you to secure your results. Structural and long term. You will reach the top safely.
Online Influence Institute
That's us. We want you to be empowered. We provide a tailwind in your process to become more influential online. We know how to build an appropriate ecosystem containing boundless energy!

Who we are? Meet the OII board

Behavioural Science Growth Path Explained By Bas Wouters

How you can reach a transformational outcome according to Bas Wouters

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Board of Online Influence Institute

"It's Not About Giving People Knowledge, But About Developing Practical Skills"

I have coached and trained hundreds of professionals worldwide to increase their offline and online success. My mission is to help people and companies level-up their performance by teaching them to apply the principles of persuasion and behavior design. That’s why I decided to learn from the best. I became an expert in the field of persuasion and behavior design by studying with Dr. Robert Cialdini and Dr. BJ Fogg. That makes me the only person in the world who is both a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer and a BJ Fogg Certified Tiny Habits coach.

I’m the author of the bestselling book ‘Online Influence’, and the founder and inspirator of the Online Influence Institute.

Bas Wouters
Founder & Inspirator Online Influence Institute

"Once You've Designed The Desired Micro-Behaviors Properly, Success Will Light Up Like A Beacon In The Near Future"

I’m a psychologist and user experience designer. I specialize in online persuasion. I have improved the results of hundreds of websites, webshops, apps and online campaigns for KLM, Mercedes-Benz and ING Bank, as well as many other online businesses worldwide. I want to build bridges between fundamental behavioral psychology to practically applicable techniques.

Joris Groen
Associate Partner Online Influence Institute

We Empower People & Organizations

With Behavioral Science Knowledge, Insights & Tools To Continuously Improve Their Online Communication Both Ethically & Effectively.