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Privacy and Cookie Policy


Updated:16 October 2020



1.1           This Privacy and Cookie Policy (hereinafter: “Policy”) is used by Online Influence Insititute B.V., a company with limited liability under the laws of the Netherlands with its registered office in Eindhoven having offices at (5617 BC) Torenallee 20, Eindhoven, the Netherlands and registered in the register of the Chamber of Commerce under registration number 77935330 (hereinafter: “OII” or “we”)).

1.2           This Policy applies to all processing of data that identifies you or may be used to identify you with (“Personal Data”) by OII, such as but not limited to processing via the website located at https://www.onlineinfluence.com (hereinafter: “Website”), the application “Online Influence App”, downloadable in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store (hereinafter: “OII App”) and the account you have to register on the Website (hereinafter: “OII Account”) with the purposes of using our services like following training courses, e-learning courses and webinars (hereinafter: the “Services”).

1.3           OII may amend this Policy at any time. In case the Policy is amended, the amended Policy will be made available to you through publication of the amended Policy on the Website (www.onlineinfluence.com/privacypolicy). Should you have any questions after reading this Policy, or would like to exercise the rights as entailed in this Policy, please contact OII via the above stated details or by email: info@onlineinfluence.com.

         Processing of Personal Data

1.4           OII is responsible for determining the purpose and the means of the processing of Personal Data to enable your use of the Services through the Website or OII App. Therefore, OII is the data controller for the processing of Personal Data with regard to the Website and OII App, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation and the Dutch Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation (together referred to below as “GDPR”).

1.5           We collect Personal Data by asking you to provide it to us. Apart from that, we may collect Personal Data automatically. We collect and process the following Personal Data:

For your use of the OII App and Website:


  • Name and surname*;
  • Email address*;
  • Any other contact details if you chose to share with us;
  • Bank account details*;
  • Employer details if you chose to share that with us;
  • Social media profiles if you chose to share that with us;


Information marked with * is mandatory.




  • Your location, should you have enabled that functionality in the OII App.

1.6           We store your Personal Data as long as necessary to perform the purposes of processing as stated in article 3 of this Policy. This means that we store your Personal Data at least for the period as is necessary to enable your use of the Services, Website and the OII App. Furthermore, we will store your Personal Data as long as necessary for the performance of the purposes as stated in article 3 of this Policy. The Personal Data will at least be removed one year after deletion of your OII Account.

1.7           Please note that you will lose access to the Personal Data, courses, documents and other information in your OII Account should you choose to delete your OII Account. OII is, under no circumstances, liable for a back-up of such information and data.

         Purposes and legal grounds of Personal Data collection

1.8           Personal Data is collected and processed by OII with the following purposes:

  • Enabling your use of the Website and OII App;
  • Enabling the creation and use of a OII Account;
  • Enabling you to contact and connect with other users of the OII App if you chose to make use of that service;
  • Contacting you and informing you about OII, the OII App and your OII Account;
  • Promoting the use of OII;
  • Analysing Personal Data to improve the Website and OII App;
  • Improving the services of OII.

1.9           We process Personal Data to perform under an agreement between you and OII or based on your prior consent for processing your Personal Data.


1.10        The electronic contact details you choose to provide us with, such as your email address, are used to make sure the services are performed for you in connection to the use of the Website and the OII App in the most optimal way. Some emails are strictly necessary to inform you. We may, for example, contact you to inform you on a change of password or email address when such is requested by you.

1.11        We may also contact you to further promote the OII App, OII, the Website or any of our future Services. Should you wish to opt-out, please do so by altering the email options in your OIIAccount or make use of the opt-out option provided to you in every email we send you.

         Recipients of Personal Data

1.12        OII will transfer your Personal Data to third parties, being:

Suppliers: when such is necessary to enable the use of the OII App and OII Account to you, we may transfer your Personal Data to suppliers of OII, such as but not limited to the company that hosts the Website, and the OII App. These companies store Personal Data primarily within the European Economic Area (hereinafter: “EEA”). Should Personal Data be transported outside the EEA, OII will implement appropriate safeguards to protect Personal Data from unlawful processing. Suppliers shall always act and process the Personal Data on behalf of OII and the instructions we provide them with.

1.13        Certified Coaches: to be able to offer courses locally. OII’s local Certified Coached will then contact you to organise such courses at a location lose to your location.


1.14        OII highly values the security of your Personal Data. Therefore, OII will apply technical and organizational measures to protect your Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access. To keep your Personal Data safe, at least the following measures are implemented:

  • Encrypt the transfers of data via the Website;
  • Protect the servers on which your Personal Data is stored with passwords and appropriate (physical) security measures;
  • Use of TLS;
  • Software development lifecycle (SDLC) Security


         Your rights

1.15        Applicable data protection laws and regulations guarantee you certain rights:

·       Objection: Depending on the situation, you have the right to consent or object to the processing of your Personal Data and the conditions under which this processing takes place.

·       Access: You have the right to request from us, without constraint, at reasonable intervals and without excessive delay or expense, i) a confirmation as to whether or not Personal Data regarding you is being processed, ii) information on the purposes for which Personal Data is processed, iii) the categories of Personal Data concerned, and iv) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the Personal Data is disclosed. You have the right to receive, in an intelligible form, a communication of the Personal Data being processed and of any available information as to the source(s). Furthermore, you have the right to knowledge of the underlying logic of the automated processing of Personal Data relating to you.

·       Rectification, erasure, blocking or deletion: You, where appropriate, have the right to rectification, erasure, blocking or deletion of your Personal Data that is not processed in compliance with data protection laws and regulations, in particular when the nature of the data is incomplete or inaccurate.

·       Notification: You have the right to a notification to third parties to whom your Personal Data has been disclosed, when you have been granted any rectification, erasure, blocking or deletion as stated above, unless such notification proves to be impossible or requires a disproportionate effort from us.

·       Withdraw consent: where we are processing personal data relating to you on the basis of your prior consent to that processing, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

·       Complaint with relevant authority. You have the right to file a complaint with the relevant data protection authorities, e.g. the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens in the Netherlands.

1.16        In order to fulfil your possible requests pursuant to the rights as stated above, we might request specific additional information of you to identify you with or we might ask you for information to identify you with. We only collect and process such specific data with the purpose of executing your above stated rights insofar this is requested by you.

1.17        Please be informed that when you exercise your right to objection, we are no longer able to offer you the use of the OII App or OII Account and you should refrain from using the OII App and your OII Account.

         Applicable law and disputes

1.18        The laws of the Netherlands exclusively apply to this Policy and all agreements and legal relationships between you and OII.

1.19        Any disputes relating to or arising from the use of the OII App or our Services will only be submitted to the competent court in the district of Oost-Brabant, location ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.


1.20        Should you have any questions after reading this Policy, or would want to exercise any right as stated in this Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us with the details provided to you in this Policy or e-mail us at info@onlineinfluence.com.  


  1. Introduction


  • The Website makes use of clever and useful techniques to increase the ease of use and ensure the Website has a wide appeal. The best known examples of these techniques are cookies and scripts (“cookies”). Cookies may for example be used by website owners or third parties such as advertisers who communicate through the website you visit.


  • It is important for OII that you know what kind of cookies we use and what they are used for, because we want to safeguard your privacy as well as the user-friendliness of the Website as much as possible. Below you will read what kind of cookies we use and what these cookies are used for.

  1. Cookies that ensure the website works properly

    • OII uses cookies:

      • to remember information you fill in on various pages during the login process so you do not have to re-enter your details ;
      • to pass on information from one page to the next, e.g. when you are completing a web form that consists of several pages;
      • to store preferences such as language, location, the number of search results you wish to see, etc.
      • to store settings for an optimal display, such as the buffer size and resolution of your monitor;
      • to read your browser settings to ensure the optimal display of our website on your monitor ;
      • to detect abuse of our website and services, e.g. by registering the number of subsequent failed login attempts;
      • to balance the website load to ensure our site remains available;
      • to offer the option to store login details so you will not have to re-enter the same information over and over again;
      • to allow you the option to respond on our website.

    • Below is a list of the functional cookies we use, the data they collect and how long they last.


Placed by


How long











  1. Cookies that allow us to track the use of our website

    • We try to measure continuously which parts of the Website are most interesting for our visitors, e.g. by using third party software to analyse the number of visitors of our Website and the most popular items. We use cookies for this purpose.


  • The data we collect is turned into statistics, allowing us insight into the frequency our webpage is visited, where visitors spend most time, etc. This allows us to make the structure, navigation and contents of the website as user-friendly for you as possible. We do not trace back the statistics and other reports to individuals.


  • We use cookies:

    • to track the number of visitors to our webpages;
    • to track the time each visitor spends on our webpages;
    • to determine the order in which a visitor visits the pages on our website;
    • to assess which parts of our site should be changed;
    • to optimise our website.

  • Below is a list of the analytical cookies we use to collect statistics, the data they collect and how long they last.


Placed by


How long





Google Analytics

Google, Inc
















  • As for cookies placed by third parties we refer to the cookie policies on the websites of these parties: see the links below. You should be aware that these policies may change from time to time. OII cannot control this.

  1. Cookies to share the contents of our website through social media

    • You can share contents on our Website or in the OII App on social media using buttons. Social media cookies are placed by social media parties when you want to share an article or video, allowing the social media companies to recognize you.

    • As for cookies placed by social media parties and the data they may collect we refer to the cookie policies on the websites of these parties: see the links below. You should be aware that these policies may change from time to time. OII cannot control this.

  1. Browser settings

    • If you do not wish any cookies to be placed on your device you can change your browser settings so that you will receive a warning before a cookie is placed on your computer. You can also change the settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or third-party cookies only. You can also remove cookies already placed. Please be aware that these settings have to be changed in each browser and device you use.


  • If you do not wish to receive any cookies we can no longer guarantee that our Website works correctly. Some of the functions of the Website may be disabled or you may even not be able to see some websites at all.


  • The way settings can be changed is different in each browser. If necessary, please consult the help function of your browser. You can visit youronlinechoices.eu if you wish to disable cookies of specific parties only.


  1. Final remarks

    • We will have to change this cookie policy from time to time, e.g. because our Website or cookie regulations change. We may change the content of the policy and the cookies included in the lists at all times and without prior warning. The latest version can be found on this website.



  • By continuing to use this Website or by clicking ‘continue’ on our cookie banner you agree to our use of cookies.